Mobile surf school

– Plage de Vensac –


With its original concept which represents an innovation in the region, the Fako Surf School is mobile surf school on the beach at Vensac.

Set up in 2013 by Frankie SurfSchool and take over by Etienne VALENTIN the school becomes FAKO Surf School. The School welcomes visitors from  April to October for a privates lessons subject to reservation out- of season and during the summer months of July and August , from 8 am to 7 pm everyday.

The School will greet you directly on Vensac beach. This sandy beach is an excellent venue for surfing at whatever level and is located in an unspoilt setting far from the crowds that descend on Montalivet in the summer as well as from other surfers.


Etienne has been passionate about water sports ever since he was a teenager and it is therefore only natural that his passion should have become his profession.


Etienne, born in the medoc in 2000, has always lived close to the ocean ( Montalivet and Vensac-Océan ). As a child and then a teenager he discovered and practiced surfing with the local club.

Passionate about sports in general and particularly about surfing, he received in 2019 his BPJEPS Surfing and water activities in formation with the UCPA. During 3 season, he works with this organization and several local surf schools (helio surf club). Franki SurfSChool decided to put an end to his activity end 2021, it is quite naturally and logically that Etienne took over and created FAKO SURF SCHOOL.

Etienne is a passionate person who wants to share his passion and his knowledged with you in a place he knows perfectly and his joy of surfing.


As a result of all this experience, his knowledge of the marine environment and desire to provide top quality, Etienne will advise you on choosing the timing of your lessons in the light of your availability, your previous experience and your expectations in order to give your the best possible opportunity for successful learning.


By the end of the course, or even a single session, you will know about:

  • Tidal phenomena and the behaviour of the currents in the inlets along the Atlantic coast (the “Baïnes”)
  • The right approach for a better understanding of the ocean and its dangers
  • How to choose the right spot or sandbank and judge the waves in the light of your own level of expertise
  • How to respect the rules of good conduct and, for more advanced students, the rules of priority at sea
  • How to choose the right equipment
  • How to optimize your physical effort before and after a surf session

Each surf session is preceded by a warm-up in the form physical warm-up or a “body surf” session.
If you already have some basic technical knowledge or practical experience, take advantage of the opportunity to refresh your skills for a session and take stock of your level of progress.
What is more, because the School is located right next to the ocean, getting to the waves with your surfboard is no problem and you therefore benefit from maximum practice time.


Surfing lessons are limited to a maximum of five people for individual students. However, in order to ensure top-quality instruction, these groups may sometimes be limited to just two or three people.
In the case of families, this number can be extended to up to eight persons. Furthermore, families are given priority when taking bookings and, exceptionally. Etienne will be attentive to your needs and will take account of your physical and technical capabilities as well as your own personal characteristics when forming the groups and deciding on timing.


EXCLUSIVE! Etienne can also arrange for you to be filmed with a “GO PRO” camera if the weather conditions (waves and wind) are favourable. What is more, this service is available free of charge!


have you always wanted to try your hand at surfing but have never dared take the plunge? Don’t worry! Etienne will be able to put you at your ease and free you from any concerns by finding the best conditions for you to practice in.


you are confident in the waves close to the water’s edge but now you want to paddle out further to where the waves are still gentle (less than 1 m) and experience your first clean waves.


you ride the clean waves and want to learn to carve and follow the waves as they break or go in search of waves of over 1m at the Baïnes. If that sounds like you, Etienne will take you further out in small groups and will give you the tips you need to be always in the right place at the right time, while also optimizing your physical effort.


Surfing takes place at Vensac beach. This is situated 2 km to the north of Montalivet- les-Bains in the commune of Vendays in the Gironde. Vensac beach is a mere 20 kilometres or so south of Soulac-sur-Mer on the D102 road and one and a half hours to the west of Bordeaux. It is easily accessible by car, on foot or by bike on one of the many cycling paths from Montalivet, Vensac and Grayan-et-L’Hôpital.



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1x 1H30


35 EUR

11/14 years

33 EUR

7/10 years

30 EUR


3x 1H30


95 EUR

11/14 years

85 EUR

7/10 years

75 EUR


5x 1H30


145 EUR

11/14 years

135 EUR

7/10 years

120 EUR


10x 1H30


250 EUR

11/14 years

230 EUR

7/10 years

200 EUR

Private lessons: 1 x 1h30 €80/person

Lessons for private individuals are conducted in groups of a maximum of five students and include tuition, insurance, equipment, full-length wetsuits and foam surfboards. You can also bring your own equipment if you prefer.
Lessons may be postponed or cancelled due to very high winds, strong swells, storms or other factors making it dangerous to practice the activity. The months of July and August are reserved for private individuals and families. Thank you for your understanding.